custom bath furniture
custom file cabinet
perfume bottle
picture lights
bottle paddle
bathtub basket
g bag frame
double nut
switch heads


Bath Furniture

bath furniture L
bath furniture R
file cabinet

File Cabinet

vertical bars
perfume bottle
Perfume Bottle
bottle paddle
Bottle Paddle
bath basket
Bathtub Basket
switch heads
switch heads installed
Switch Heads
picture light version 5
picture light original
picture light version 1
picture light version 3
picture light version 4
Picture Lights
g bag frame
g bag frame bag in
g bag frame in can
g bag frame lid on
G Bag Frame
the double nut
The Double Nut
Product with print ad.

Adjustable frame that supports a common plastic grocery bag hidden inside. Fits a wide range of common household trash cans.

Variations of a current product.
Provides identification of switches by color.
Adjustable toy storage for bathtub.
Retrieves lotion remaining in bottles after the pump stops working.
CAD model perfume bottle

CAD model
Packaging for a breakfast drink.

File cabinet for legal size files, four drawer, configured two drawers horizontal.
Contemporary architecture.

In bathroom storage for linnens and personal care items. Size defined by space available. Early 19th century architecture.